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Color Masterbatch Powder

Color Masterbatch Powder
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The product is made of the dampened amine type optical stabilizer and the benztriazole type ultraviolet absorber, supplemented by the antioxidant SK-225, and imported into the foreign high-end resin, and processed by advanced technology.


The appearance of this product is 3 * 5 mm cylindrical particles, its appearance is white or light yellow transparent particles, the particles are uniform, smooth, no continuous particles .

Color Masterbatch Powder1Color Masterbatch Powder


This product is added to PE or PP resin, uniform dispersion, good persistence, especially for the anti-aging effect of the product; The product added to the product is illuminated by a hernia lamp for 144 hours, and the fracture elongation of the product is maintained at 85 % -95 %.

Add Ratio: 2 % recommended addition


This product is used by the majority of users, feedback can significantly extend the life time of products.