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Acetamide Ethanamide CAS 60-35-5 Fungicide

Acetamide Ethanamide CAS 60-35-5 Fungicide
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Product Details

Product name: Acetamide,Ethanamide

Chemical Formula: C2H5NO

CAS NO: 60-35-5

Appearance: Colorless hexagonal crystal. Pure goods have no smell, but usually have rat smell

Boiling Point: 221.2 °C

Molecular Weight: 59.0672

Structural Formula:



1.The melting Ethanamide is an excellent solvent for many kinds of organic and inorganic compounds. It can be used as a solubilizer for some substances with low water solubility when dissolved in water, for example, as a solvent and solubilizer for dyes in the fiber industry. It is also widely used as a stabilizer for plasticizers, an Antacid for the cosmetic industry, a wetting agent for the paper industry, and as a solvent in the synthesis of antibiotics such as chloramphenicol.

2.Used as Analytical Reagent, solvent, stabilizer, plasticizer. It can also be used in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical industry and dye preparation.

3.It is also used for making hygroscopic agent, lubricant and so on

Storage method:

Store in a cool, well-ventilated, dry place, avoid sunshine, keep away from fire, handle with care, transport according to toxic regulations.