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Dimethomorph CAS No. 110488-70-5 Fungicide

Dimethomorph CAS No. 110488-70-5 Fungicide
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Product Details

Product name: Dimethomorph

Appearance:White powder

Molecular weight:387.8567

CAS NO:110488-70-5

Molecular Formula:C21H22ClNO4

Structural Formula:


Storage conditions:sealed storage, storage in a cool, dry warehouse.


Dimethomorph is a special fungicide for oomycetes. It has strong internal absorbability, can be absorbed and transported to all parts of the plant. Has Protective, therapeutic, and antisporogenous activities. Its function is characterized by destruction of the formation of Cell Wall Membrane, oomycetes life cycle at all stages. It can be used on grapes, peppers, cucumbers, tobacco, potatoes, brassicaceae vegetables and tomato ect. 

Control objects and methods of use:

1.Control Cucumber, Balsam pear downy mildew, cruciferous vegetables downy mildew before the onset or early stage of disease spraying, 69% angke zinc 1500-1995 grams per hectare (active ingredient 69-92 grams) , spraying amount of 900-1200 liters. Spray Every 7-10 days, 3-4 times in a row.

2.To Control Phytophthora CAPSICI, grape downy mildew, tobacco black Shank and potato late blight, 69 per hectare of 69 per gram of manganese and zinc 1995-2505 grams (92-115 grams of active ingredient) with 900-1200 litres of spray, 2,250-3,000 liters of grapes per kilo. Spray Every 7-10 days, 3-4 times in a row.

Note :

1.When cucumber, pepper, cruciferous vegetables and other young hours, spray liquid and dosage with low. The spray should cover the leaves evenly.

2.Wear protective clothing when administering the medicine and avoid direct contact with body parts.

3.Wash with soap and water if the agent is on your skin. Do not induce vomiting if you take the wrong medicine, please send to hospital for treatment as soon as possible. The drug has no antidote and is symptomatic.

4.The medicine should be stored in a cool, dry place away from feed and children.

5.Do not use dimethomorph more than 4 times per season. Note the use of alternative fungicides with different action mechanisms and their alternate application

Package: 25kg/drum