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Fungicide Boscalid CAS NO 188425-85-6

Fungicide Boscalid CAS NO 188425-85-6
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Product Details

Product introduction

Product name: Boscalid

Chemical Formula: C18H12Cl2N2O

CAS NO: 188425-85-6

Appearance: White powder

Molecular Weight: 343.21

Structural Formula:


Toxicity: Acute transoral:  Gt; 2000mg / kg; acute transdermal:  Gt; 2000mg / kg, low toxicity bactericid

Storage: Store in a cool place. Keep container tightly closed and store in dry and ventilated place


1.Boscalid is a broad-spectrum, systemic fungicide, it is effective in preventing and curing diseases resistant to sterol inhibitors, Bisimides, 1H-benzimidazole, pyrimidines, phenylamides, and methoxyacrylates. The product can be transported from the xylem to the top of the leaf tip and leaf margin of the plant Chemical book; it also has vertical Osmosis, which can be carried through the leaf tissue to the back of foliage's leaf; however, the product has very little redistribution in the vapor phase.  

2.Boscalid was mainly sprayed through stem and leaf, the dosage was 100 ~ 1,200 ga. I. / HM2

Boscalid is used to control powdery mildew, Mycosphaerella aspp on grapes, lawns, fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental plants, and diseases caused by altchical fungus Booker Nariaspp, botisspp and Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum. The compound preparation is also used on cultivable crops such as grains, grapes, peanuts and potatoes.

the application of Boscalid_副本

Synthetic method

1.Using o-chloronitrobenzene as raw material, Suziki reaction with P-CHLOROBENZOIC boric acid was firstly carried out, then reduced, and then condensed with 2-chloronicotinyl chloride to obtain the target product.

2.Using o-iodoaniline as raw material, the product was firstly reacted with 2-chloronicotinyl chloride and then Suzuki reaction with p-chlorophenylboric acid.