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High Quality Biological Fungicide Polyoxin B 34%TC 80% TC

High Quality Biological Fungicide Polyoxin B 34%TC 80% TC
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Product Details

Polyoxin is easily soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents such as methanol and acetone, and is stable to ultraviolet rays and in acidic and neutral solutions, unstable to alkaline solutions, and stable to storage at room temperature. Low toxicity to higher animals, low toxicity to fish and bees. It has good control effect on cucumber downy mildew, powdery mildew, ginseng black spot, apple, pear gray spot, and rice sheath blight.

polyoxin B.

Polyoxin is a highly effective, low-toxic, and environmentally-friendly safe pesticide, so it is widely used in the prevention and control of important diseases such as food crops, foods, fruits, and vegetables.


Control object

Can prevent flowers, fruit black spots, gray mold, brown spot, etc.



1. Prevention and treatment of strawberry gray mold Use 100-150 grams of 10% wettable powder per acre, spray with 50-75 kg of water, spray every 50-75 kg, spray once a week for a total of 3-4 times.

2. Prevention and treatment of apple spotted leaf disease Use 1000-2000 times solution of 10% wettable powder per acre, spray it at the beginning of spring shoot growth, spray it every other week, and use it alternately with Bordeaux solution, the effect is better.

3. Prevention and cure of vegetable seedling catastrophic disease Sterilize the soil with 1000% solution of 10% wettable powder.

4. Prevention and treatment of cucumber downy mildew and powdery mildew Use 2% wettable powder to disinfect the soil 1000 times.

5. To prevent late blight of tomatoes, spray with 2% wettable powder 100ppm solution.

6. To prevent and cure fusarium wilt, irrigate roots with 300ppm solution.



1. Can not be mixed with alkaline or acid pesticides.

2. Sealed to prevent moisture knot failure.

3. Although it is a low-toxic agent, it should still be operated in accordance with safety rules.