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Pesticide CAS 17804-35-2 Fungicide Benomyl 50%wp

Pesticide CAS 17804-35-2 Fungicide Benomyl 50%wp
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Pesticide CAS 17804-35-2 fungicide Benomyl 50%wp

Chemical name:Benomyl

CAS: 17804-35-2

MF: C14H18N4O3

Control object and method of use

(l) Prevention of melon powdery mildew, cucumber and sweet (spicy) pepper anthracnose, tomato gray mold, leaf mold, cucumber sclerotinia disease, sprayed with 1500-2000 times liquid, starting every 7-10 at the beginning of the disease Spray once a day, even spray 3 times.

(2) Prevention and treatment of eggplant verticillium wilt and brown streak disease, taking 1 part of each of 50% benomyl and 50% thiram WP, mixing evenly, and then 3 parts with filler (fine soil or furnace ash, etc.) Mix well and mix with a mixture of 0.1% seed weight.

(3) Control cucumber wilt, use 500-1000 times liquid to irrigate the roots at the beginning of the disease, each plant is 0.25-0.3 kg per irrigation.



(1) Benomyl can be mixed with a variety of pesticides, but can not be mixed with strong alkaline agents and copper-containing preparations.

(2) To avoid resistance, it should be used interchangeably with other fungicides. However, it is not advisable to use a fungicide with carbendazim, thiophanate or the like and benomyl-resistant as a replacement agent.

Package: 25kg/drum