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Bentazone 48%SL, 50%WP, 97%Tech, Herbicide 25057-89-0

Bentazone 48%SL, 50%WP, 97%Tech, Herbicide 25057-89-0
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Product Details

Bentazone 48%SL, 50%WP, 97%Tech, Herbicide 25057-89-0

CAS: 25057-89-0

MF: C10H12N2O3S

Specs: 97%TC 95%TC 480 G/L SL 50%WP for sale

Classification: Herbcide, Pesticide, Agrochemical

Solubility: In water 570 /l ( 7, 20 °C).  In acetone 1387, methanol 1061, ethyl acetate 582, dichloromethane 206 (all in g/l, 20°C)


◆ Bentazone Use

1. Bentazon is a postemergence herbicide used for selective control of broadleaf weeds and sedges in beans, rice, corn, peanuts, and mint.

2.  Bentazon is a contact herbicide, which means that it causes injury only to the parts of the plant to which it is applied .

3. It interferes with the ability of susceptible plants to use sunlight in the production of energy for survival, a process called photosynthesis. Visible injury to the treated leaf surface usually occurs within 4 to 8 hours, followed by plant death.

4. Control broadleaf weeds and sedge weeds, and Invalid for Gramineae weeds


◆ Bentazone Mode of Action

Selective contact herbicide, absorbed mainly by the foliage, with very little translocation,  but also absorbed by the roots, with translocation acropetally in the xylem.


◆ Bentazone Applicable crop

Soy, peanuts, wheat, rice, corn, broad beans, kidney beans, peas, sugar cane, onions, sweet potatoes, potatoes, tea gardens, flax, alfalfa, mint, sassafras, sage, lawn, etc.

Bentazone Package10 L/bottle, 2 bottle/box or on your demand