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High Effect Herbicide Flazasulfuron Pesticide 95%TC 25%WDG

High Effect Herbicide Flazasulfuron Pesticide 95%TC 25%WDG
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Product Details

High effect Herbicide Flazasulfuron 95%TC 25%WDG

CAS No.: 104040-78-0

Chemical Name:  N-[[(4,6-dimethoxy-2-pyrimidinyl)amino]carbonyl]-3-(trifluoromethyl)-2-pyridinesulfonamide


Physical & Chemical Properties 

Appearance:Odourless, white crystalline powder.

Molecular Formula: C13H12F3N5O5S

Molecular Weight:  407.3

Melting Point:180 ºC.

Vapour Pressure: <0.013mPa (25 ºC).

Solubility: In water 2.1 g/l (pH7,25 ºC).In octanol 0.2,methanol 4.2,acetone 22.7,toluene 0.56,acetonitrile 8.7(all in g/l,25ºC);in hexane 0.5mg/l(25ºC).

Stability: DT50 in water 17.4h (PH 4); 16.6h (PH 7); 13.1h (PH 9) (all 22ºC) pKa 4.37 (20ºC)



Flazasulfuron is pre- and post- emergency control of grass and broad-leave weeds and sedges(especially Cyperus brevifolius and Cyperrus rotundus) in warm-season turf (Zoysia and Cynodon spp.),at 25-100 g/ha.Also used in vines and sugar cane,at 35-75 g/ha;and in citrus,olives and on railways and other non-crop land.


Specification: 95%TC, 25%WDG