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Formamidine Acaricide Amitraz CAS 33089-61-1

Formamidine Acaricide Amitraz CAS 33089-61-1
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Product Details

Chemical Name: Amitraz

CAS NO: 33089-61-1

Molecular formula: C19H23N3

Molecular weight: 293.406

Structural Formula:Formamidine acaricide Amitraz CAS 33089-61-1


Melting point: 223-225°C

Content  HPLC:≥98%

Storage Temp: 0-6°C,Sealed , avoid light , keep in cool , dry place

Physical and chemical properties: White needle crystal, soluble in Acetone, xylene, methanol, Acetone 500g/L, xylene300g/L, water 1mg/L, hygroscopicity, Stable under normal temperature and pressure, unstable under strong acid and alkaline liquid, No irritation to animal skin and eyes.

Mechanism of action:

1. Broad-spectrum acaricides, mainly by contact with killing, both stomach poison, fumigation, food resistance, repellent, has a certain degree of infiltration of plants, if the young mites, adult mites and mite eggs, effective against some other acaricides resistant to the harmful mites, good quick effect, strong holding effect.It is mainly used to control cotton red spider and cotton bollworm, red bollworm, apple and hawthorn red spider, orange leaf mite, wood lice, rust tick, cattle, sheep, pig external lice, tick, scabies and scrub worm, tea tree tarsus mite, bean, eggplant red spider, etc.

2. The product for the broad-spectrum of acaricide. Mainly used for fruit trees, flowers, strawberries and other agricultural and horticultural crops. Control mites, especially citrus mites have a good effect.Also used to control cotton bollworm, red bollworm;Ticks, mites, scabies, etc. Diformamidine is a kind of acaricide with better efficacy.

3. Broad-spectrum acaricides, mainly used for the control of crops such as fruit trees, cotton, vegetables and other mites, but also for cattle, sheep and other livestock control mites.The medicine works well when the temperature is high


1.  For example, in the prevention and control of cotton red spider, from the egg incubation period to the juvenile mite bloom period, with 20% cream 1000 ~ 2000 ppm liquid uniform spray.In the red spider and red bollworm or cotton bollworm concurrent use, to a certain extent can be done both insect mites and treatment, and to the cotton field ladybug, lacewing and other natural enemies safety.

2. To prevent and control citrus starscream and apple mite, dilute water with 20% cream to 1000 ~ 2000 ppm liquid spray.

3.  Control citrus rust mite, spray water with 20% cream 1000 ~ 1200 times liquid.

4.  Use 1500 ppm liquid spray to control psyllid.

5. Control of cattle, sheep and other livestock mites, with 50 ~ 100mg/L concentration of spray or immersion.