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Pyridaben CAS NO 96489-71-3 Acaricide

Pyridaben CAS NO 96489-71-3 Acaricide
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Product Details

Product introduction

Product name: pyridaben

Chemical Formula : C19H25ClN2OS

CAS NO: 96489-71-3

Appearance: Colorless Crystal

Molecular Weight: 364.9

Structural Formula:


Storage method : Sealed storage in the original container, placed in a cool, dry, ventilated place, can not be mixed with food, feed. Store in a dry, cool, well ventilated, rain-proof place, away from fire or heat source. Keep out of reach of children and lock. Do Not Store and transport with food, beverage, feed and other commodities.

Toxicity : LD50 mg / kg



High-effective and broad-spectrum acaricide , no imbibition, has obvious control effect on leaf mites, whole-clawed mites, small-clawed mites and eriophyte mites, and it is effective on eggs, nymph, adult mites, and also effective on adult migration period. Suitable for orange, apple, pear, Hawthorn, cotton, tobacco, vegetable (except eggplant) and ornamental plants. If it is used to control citrus and apple red spider, pear and Hawthorn, it can be used in the period of occurrence of pest mites (in order to improve the control effect, it is best to use the average of 2 ~ 3 per leaf) , spray 20% wettable powder or 15% emulsifiable concentrate on water diluted to 50ー70 MG / L 2300ー3000 times) . The safe interval is 15 days, that is, 15 days before harvest.

 Mite damage

Suitable crop

suitble crops of pyridaben

Package: 25Kg/drum