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Agrochemicals Insecticide Thiocyclam CAS 31895-21-3

Agrochemicals Insecticide Thiocyclam CAS 31895-21-3
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Relative molecular weight: 271.26

Melting point (℃): 125 ~ 128 (decomposition)

Vapor pressure: 0.533E3 (20 ℃)

application of Thiocyclam


Thiocyclam is a selective insecticide, which has the effects of stomach poisoning, contact killing and systemic absorption, can be transmitted to the top, and the effective period of controlling lepidoptera and coleoptera pests is 7 to 14 days. It can also control parasitic nematodes, such as White tip nematode of rice also has certain control effect on rust and white ear disease of some crops. Can control stem borer, rice borer, rice stem borer, rice thrips, leafhopper, rice gall midge, planthopper, peach aphid, apple aphid, apple red spider, pear star caterpillar, orange leaf moth Vegetable pests, etc.