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High Effect Insecticide Chlorpyrifos 97%TC,480G/LEC

High Effect Insecticide Chlorpyrifos 97%TC,480G/LEC
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High Effect insecticide Chlorpyrifos 97%TC,480G/LEC

CAS 2921-88-2

Molecular formula: C9H11Cl3NO3PS

Molecular weight: 2921-88-2

EINECS 220-864-4


White crystals







Boiling point




Flash point


Water soluble

Slightly soluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents


1. It has the triple action of stomach poisoning, contact killing and fumigation. It has good control effect on various chewing and sucking mouthparts pests on rice, wheat, cotton, fruit trees, vegetables and tea trees.

2. It has good compatibility and can be mixed with various insecticides and has obvious synergistic effect (such as chlorpyrifos mixed with triazophos).

3. Compared with conventional pesticides, it has low toxicity and is safe for natural enemies. It is the first choice for replacing high-toxic organophosphorus pesticides (such as 1605, methamidophos, omethoate, etc.).

4. It has a wide spectrum of insecticides and is easy to combine with organic matter in the soil. It has a special effect on underground pests for more than 30 days.

5. No systemic action, guarantee the safety of agricultural products and consumers, and apply to the production of pollution-free high-quality agricultural products.


Control object




Rice planthopper

70~90 ml/acre

evenly sprayed with stems and leaves


Rice leaf roller

70~90 ml/acre

evenly sprayed with stems and leaves



70~90 ml/acre

evenly sprayed with stems and leaves


Rice blast

300~360 ml/acre

Spraying in the heart stage of the loquat leaf 1 and the branching stage of the Honda, it is also possible to apply 15-20 kg of fine sand.

Citrus tree

Scale insect

Dilute 1000~1500 times

evenly sprayed with stems and leaves

Apple tree


Diluted 1500 times

Uniform spray during the occurrence of cotton



Dilute 1000~1500 times

Apply once every 20 days and 7-10 days before lychee and longan harvest

Cruciferous vegetables

cabbage caterpillar

50~75 ml/acre

Uniform spray of larvae 3 years old



15~25 ml/acre

Evenly spray at the peak of the locust



40~50 ml/acre

Uniform spray before 3rd instar larvae


1. The safety interval of the product to citrus trees is 28 days, and the maximum interval is 1 time per season; the safety interval for rice is 15 days, and the maximum use is 2 times per season.

2. The product is toxic to aquatic organisms such as bees and fish, and silkworms. During the application, the effects on the surrounding bee colonies, the flowering period of the honey source crops, the vicinity of the silkworm chamber and the mulberry circle should be avoided. Keep away from the aquaculture area and do not clean the applicator in water bodies such as rivers and ponds.

3. This product is sensitive to melon, tobacco and lettuce seedlings, please use with caution.

4. Wear protective clothing and gloves when using this product to avoid inhaling the liquid. After applying the medicine, thoroughly clean the equipment, and bury or burn the package deeply, and immediately wash your hands and wash your face with soap.

5. Although Diffin is a low-toxic pesticide, it should comply with the safe application rules of pesticides. If it is inadvertently poisoned, it can be treated with atropine or phosphatidylcholine according to the case of organophosphorus pesticide poisoning, and should be sent to the hospital for treatment.

6. It is recommended to rotate insecticides with different mechanisms of action.

7. Can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides. To protect bees, avoid using them during flowering.

8. Stop using the various crops before harvesting.