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10% Amine Permethrin Microemulsion Hygienic Insecticide

10% Amine Permethrin Microemulsion Hygienic Insecticide
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Product Details

Product Name

10% Amine Permethrin Microemulsion


7696-12-0, 52645-53-1

Active ingredients

Tetramethrin, tetramethrin, 4.5%; permethrin, permethrin, 5.5%

Application Range

This product is an ultra-low volume agent, suitable for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and other places to prevent mosquitoes and flies.

Performance Characteristics

The main components of this product are pyrethrin, permethrin, and water as a carrier, which is less toxic, efficient, and broad-spectrum. It is used for spraying indoor and outdoor spaces, which can quickly reduce the density of insect mouth. Use aircraft and other special equipment for large-area operations, saving time, effort, and labor.


Ultra low volume spray. After dilution according to the recommended dosage, use professional equipment for ultra-low volume spray. When applying pesticides, pay attention to wind speed, wind direction and weather conditions, and try to use the drug during the period of mosquito and fly activity. For details, see the product manual or label.

Packing Specification

1 liter/bottle×10 bottles/carton, 5 liter/barrel×4 barrels/carton

Control Target

Control Target