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5% Cyfluthrin Water Emulsion CAS NO 68359375

5% Cyfluthrin Water Emulsion CAS NO 68359375
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Product Details

Product Name

5% cyfluthrin water emulsion



Active Ingredients

alpha-cypermethrin, 8%

Application Range

It is suitable for hotels, restaurants, factories, warehouses and other places to prevent mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches.

Performance Characteristics

This product uses cyfluthrin as the main component, and has a good killing effect on hygienic pests such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, etc. It is suitable for pest control in residences, restaurants, offices, warehouses and other places.


When using, dilute and mix the product according to the recommended dosage and spray it evenly on the surface of walls, floors, doors, windows, room beams and other objects. The amount of sprayed liquid should be sprayed through the surface of the object with a small amount of liquid flowing out to ensure uniform coverage. For details, see the product manual or label.

Packing Specification

500g/bottle×20 bottles/carton

Control Target

5% cyfluthrin water emulsion