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8% Cis-Cypermethrin Wettable Powder Hygienic Insecticide CAS NO 67375308

8% Cis-Cypermethrin Wettable Powder Hygienic Insecticide CAS NO 67375308
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Product Details

Product Name

8% Cis-Cypermethrin wettable powder



Active Ingredients

alpha-cypermethrin, 8%

Application Range

Applicable to indoor and outdoor public health places such as homes and hotels, preventing and controlling sanitary pests such as mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches.

Performance Characteristics

Cis-cypermethrin is composed of cis-isomer, a high-efficiency isomer of cypermethrin, with higher activity, broad insecticidal spectrum, low toxicity, long shelf life, and small dosage. Supplemented with high-efficiency additives, after scientific processing, it has good fluidity and is mixed with water for easy use.


1. Spray: This product can be diluted and mixed according to the recommended dosage, and then sprayed evenly on the place where the pest stays and hides. The spraying amount is suitable to spray the surface of the object and a small amount of chemical liquid flows out. 2. Painting: Use a brush or a brush to paint the diluted chemical solution with screen windows, wires, doors and windows that are easily contacted by pests.

Packing Specification



Control target

Control target