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Cannibalism Cream 20% Hygienic Insecticide Kill Cockroaches

Cannibalism Cream 20% Hygienic Insecticide Kill Cockroaches
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Product Details

Product Name

Cannibalism Cream 20%

Active Ingredients

Cannibalism propoxur, 20%


Low toxicity

Application Range

Used in offices, warehouses, hospitals, food processing and other industrial (commercial) buildings to control cockroaches.

Performance Characteristics

As a carbamate insecticide, candicarb has a strong contact, stomach toxicity and fumigation effect, can effectively inhibit the activity of acetylcholinesterase, prevent nerve conduction, and cause paralysis and death of insects. High-efficiency, low-toxicity, fast knockdown, long-lasting effect period, excellent control effect on cockroaches. No obvious accumulation effect in mammals, no teratogenic, mutagenic, carcinogenic and delayed neurotoxicity.



Stay sprayed. When using it, spray the wall joints, corners, cabinet feet, trenches, garbage bins and other places where cockroaches may be hidden and active, and ensure a comprehensive and uniform. For details, see the product manual or label.

Packing Specification

1 liter/bottle×10 bottles/carton

Control Target

Control Target2