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Insecticide 0.3% Cyanogen Chloride Inulin Kill Mosquitoes

Insecticide 0.3% Cyanogen Chloride Inulin Kill Mosquitoes
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Product Details

Product Name

0.3% Chlorocyanide·Permethrin Insecticide Emulsion


52645-53-1, 52315-07-8

Active Ingredients

Permethrin permethrin, 0.15%; Cypermethrin cypermethrin, 0.15%.

Application Range

It is suitable for the prevention and control of mosquitoes and flies in livestock and poultry breeding places, and can also be used for indoor and outdoor plants and flowers to control various types of pests.

Performance Characteristics

This product is composed of permethrin and cypermethrin. It is highly efficient and low toxicity. It has both the retention effect of suspension agent and the space killing effect of emulsifiable concentrate. It is easy to use and is the first choice for home and breeding sites.


This product does not need to be diluted, and can be directly sprayed on the surface of screen doors, screens, walls, railings and other objects. Generally, spray once every 5 days or so, and avoid washing with water as far as possible to maintain the efficacy. If it is used in ornamental plants such as flowers, it should be used after dilution. For details, please refer to the product manual or label.

Packing Specification

500g/bottle×20 bottles/carton

Control Target

Control Target