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Rodenticide Bromadiolone 98%TC, 0.5%TK Mother Liquid, 0.5%TK Powder, 0.005% Bait

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Product Details

Rodenticide Bromadiolone 98%TC, 0.5%TK mother liquid, 0.5%TK powder, 0.005% bait

CAS NO.: 28772-56-7

Chemical Name:2H-1-Benzopyran-2-one,3-[3-(4'-bromo[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-yl)-3-hydroxy-1-phenylpropyl]-4-hydroxy- (28772-56-7)


Physical and Chemical Properties

Molecular Formula :C30H23BrO4  

Molecular Weight: 527.41   

Melting Point: 200-210 ºC (mixture of two diastereoisomers)

Stability: Thermally stable below 200 ºC.

Solubility : In water 19 mg/l (20 ºC).

In dimethylformamide 730, ethyl acetate 25, ethanol 8.2 (all in g/l, 20 ºC).

It is soluble in acetone; slightly soluble in chloroform; practically insoluble in diethyl ether and hexane.


Mammalian Toxicology

Oral: Acute oral LD50 for rats 1.125, mice 1.75, rabbits 1.00, dogs >10.0, cats >25.0 mg/kg.  

Skin and eye: Acute percutaneous LD50 for rabbits 1.71 mg/kg.

Inhalation LC50 0.43 mg/l.  

NOEL In 90 d feeding trials on rats and dogs, the only effect noted was reduction in prothrombin rating.

Toxicity class: WHO (a.i.) Ia; EPA (formulation) I


Note to physician

Symptom of toxicity is weakness and blooding in visceral organ and subcutaneous tissue;

If there is any poisoning, go to see the doctor a.s.a.p with packing bag of the product for proper treatment;

VitaminK1 is the antidote.



Please set Bromadiolone bait on the place that mouse usually turn up, such as wall corner, box and case, object edge, hole, door, aisle, etc. And place one sack in a distance of 30cm.


Specification :98%TC, 0.5%TK.0.005%bait




White crystal powder

content: %




Content of ashes


PH Value


Melting Point, ℃

≥ 190

Bromadiolone 98%TC,

Package: 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum


Store in ventilated and dry place under regular temperature;

Stock it in the place out of children's touch;

Do not keep or ship it together with food,drinks,seeds, grains and forage.