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Insecticide Emamectin benzoate 95%TC, 90%TC, 70%TC,5%WDG, 30%WDG

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Insecticide Emamectin benzoate 95%TC, 90%TC, 70%TC,5%WDG, 30%WDG

CAS NO.: 155569-91-8

Chemical Name: Emamectin benzoate


Physical Chemical Properties

Appearance:White or light yellow crystal powder

Molecular formula:C49H77NO13

Molecular weight:888.13

Melting point:141-146℃

Stability: Soluble in methanol, acetone and the like, slightly soluble in water



Mammalian ToxicologyOral Acute oral LD50 for rats 76-89 mg/kg. Skin and eye Acute dermal LD50 for rabbits >2000 mg/kg. 

It is not irritant to skin, and has no sensitising potential. Inhalation LC50 (4 h) for rats 2. 12-4. 44 mg/m3. 

NOEL (1 y) for dogs 0. 25 mg/kg b. W. ADI 0. 0025 mg/kg.Other Not tumorigenic. Toxicity class WHO (a.I. ) II



Birds Acute oral LD50 for mallard ducks 46, bobwhite quail 264 mg/kg.

Dietary LC50 (8 d) for mallard ducks 570, bobwhite quail 1318 ppm. 

Fish LC50 (96 h) for rainbow trout 174, sheepshead minnow 1430? G/l. 

Daphnia LC50 0. 99? G/l. Algae >94? G/l. 

Bees Toxic to bees. 

Worms >1000 mg/kg.


High toxic to aquatic livings such as fish. Also high toxic to bees. No mixing with alkaline substances. Rapidly degrade in light. Sealed tightly and stored away from light in a cool and dry place.



Mechanism of action:

Cause death by hindering motor nerve information transmission of harmful insect. It strengthens the affect of nerve matter, such as glutamic acid and the r - amino-butyric acid (GABA), thus causes massive chloride ions enter into the nerve cell,causes losing of cell function and disruption of nerve conduction, larvae stop eating food immediately after exposure to emamectin benzoate, lead toirreversible paralysis and die. It can be degraded in the earth quickly and not accumulated.

It's safe for environment. Absorbed by crops easily, and seep to epidermis, causes extension of validity.

Main preventing and controlling insects:

Mainly used to prevent and control harmful insects in Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Homoptera, Mite. Widely used to prevent and control bollworm, cutworm of sugar beet, cole moth, cabbage caterpillar, armyworm, Mite, Prodenia litura(Fabricius) and so on harmful insects in many kinds of vegetables, fruit trees, tea, tobacco and cotton.

Function character:
This product is high effective, low poisonous and environment safety, it's a new kind of half synthesis antibiotic pesticide, has the function of stomach poison and contact insecticide. Effect of preventing and controlling under extremely low density also is obvious. It is secure for beneficial insect, person and livestock in conventional dosage. It has already been used widely in western nation. In home, it also applies widely to tobacco, tea and vegetables. It may formulate with majority of agricultural chemicals.


Specification: 70%-95%TC, 5%-5.7%WDG




Yellow to yellowish powder

B1 (%)   ≥


B1a/B1b ≥


Moisture (%) ≤



Emamectin benzoate70%-95%TC

Package: 25kg/drum