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New Low-toxic Insecticide Flonicamid CAS158062-67-0

New Low-toxic Insecticide Flonicamid CAS158062-67-0
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Flonicamid is a new type of low toxicity pyridine amide insect growth regulator insecticide. 

CAS 158062-67-0

Chemical formula: C9H6F3N3O

Molecular weight: 229.2

Melting point: 157.5 °C

Water soluble: 5.2 g/l (20 °C)

Density: 1.531 (20 °C)

In addition to the contact and gastric toxicity, flunicotamid also has a good nerve agent and fast antifeedant effect. Pest sucking mouthparts such as aphids inhale the plant juice with fipronil, they will be quickly prevented from sucking juice, and no excretion will appear within 1 hour, and eventually die due to starvation.


When controlling pests such as cucumber and other vegetable aphids, spray 30-50 g of 10% water dispersible granules per 667 m2. When used to control aphids on apples and other fruit trees, spray with 10% water dispersible granules plus 2500-5000 times of water.