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2 Ton NAA Acido Naftalenacetico Rooting Hormones Exported To Italy

Jan 13, 2020

Two weeks ago, one of our Italian clients ordered 2ton NAA Acido naftalenacetico, last week, goods has been sent out by air.

NAA Acido naftalenacetico is a famous rooting hormone with low cost and excellent effect, It can obviously promote the germination and growth of cuttings, and promote the growth and development of plants.


NAA Acido naftalenacetico is a broad-spectrum multipurpose plant growth regulator. 

Tomatoes were soaked at 50mg / L NAA Acido naftalenacetico in the flowering stage to promote fruit setting. Seedless fruits were formed by pre-fertilization treatment.

Watermelon is soaked or sprayed at 20-30mg / L NAA Acido naftalenacetico during flowering period to promote fruit setting and pre-fertilization treatment to form seedless watermelon.

Cucumber was sprayed twice with 10-20 mg / L of NAA Acido naftalenacetico solution before and after planting to induce female flowers to bloom, which could significantly promote fruit setting.

Spray 20-30mg / L NAA Acido naftalenacetico liquid when the pumpkin is blooming to promote fruit setting. Eggplant and spicy seeds are treated with NAA Acido naftalenacetico to promote rooting, improve survival rate and shorten the slow seedling time.

The pepper was sprayed with 20 mg / L NAA Acido naftalenacetico of the whole plant during the flowering period to prevent falling flowers and promote pepper formation.

After the vegetative growth of the pineapple is completed, 30 mL of 15-20 mg / L NAA Acido naftalenacetico solution is injected from the plant heart to promote early flowering.

From the flowering period, cotton was sprayed once every 10-15 days at 10-20 mg / L NAA Acido naftalenacetico for a total of three sprays to prevent bolls from falling off and increase yield.


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