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Algeria’s Clients Ordered 5 Plant Growth Regulators From Us

Mar 03, 2018

The client from Algeria is the purchasing manager of a company in the field of plant growth regulators.

His company plans to register the plant growth regulators in the local. So he places a order from us TC specification plant hormones:

Gibberellic acid     90%TC  

CPPU             90%TC 

Indole acetic acid   98%TC  

Indole butyric acid  98%TC  

Paclobutrazol      95%TC  


These 5 plant growth regulators are all supplied by us.

If clients buy from us, we could not only supply them products, but also usage method, certificate of analysis, MSDS to help them to register the products.


Mr. Guendouz has many friends in China, so he asks his friend to pay us RMB.

The reason why he pays us in RMB is that USD exchange rate is sharping down these days. So pay in RMB will save him a lot of money.

Welcome to contact us if you would like to purchase plant growth regulators from us.