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Application Of Indoleacetic Acid (IAA)

Dec 22, 2017

Indolylacetic acid (IAA) is a kind of indole broad-spectrum plant growth regulator with somatotropin activity.


Solubility of Indolylacetic acid (IAA):

slight soluble in water, easily dissovle in ethyl acetate, unstable in acid and water solution. 

In water 1. 5 g/l (20 ). In alcohol 100-1000g/l, acetone 30-100, diethyl ether 30-100, chloroform 10-30 (all in g/l).


Mode of action        

It's a natural endogenous auxin which generally exist in plant.

It affects cell division and cell elongation.


Applications of IAA

1. IAA affects cell division and cell elongation;

2. IAA is used to stimulate rooting of herbaceous and woody ornamentals and increase the size of fruit;

3.IAA prevents blossom fall and fruit drop before fructification and fruit ripening, flower 

& fruit thinning flower introduction, increase output.


Recommend dosage for IAA

1.For elongation growth is typically 10-5 to 10-6 parts per million

2.For root growth 10-10 parts per million

3.For bud growth 10-8 parts per million

4.For flower promotion 10-4 parts per million


Storage and handling

Store in properly closed drums. Avoid exposure to light, moisture, and air. Certain urban atmospheres where high smog (ozone) levels and light tend to accelerate color formation from white to beige.


Cautions of IAA

1, Indoleacetic acid see light decomposition, the product need to use aluminum foil bag or black Packing material, stored in a cool dry place.
2, Indoleacetic acid into the plant easily decomposed, try not to use alone.
3, alkaline drugs will reduce its application effect


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