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Application Of Plant Growth Regulator On Potato

Dec 20, 2017

1. Promote the germination of potatoes

Gibberellin(Gibberellic acid GA3). After harvesting the potatoes and experiencing three months of storage, they sprout new buds. But different types of planting must be broken down before planting. The contents of Gibberellic acid and abscisic acid showed negative correlation changes during the period of the potato tuber from entering into dormancy to extermination of dormancy. Thus, it can be seen that the dormancy of the stalk is the exfoliate acid, and the Gibberellic acid and the abscisic acid have antagonistic effect, which can promote the germination of potato stalk. Before potato planting, it is treated with Gibberellic acid, which can break the dormant period of the stalk. Generally can germinate 5-7 days early.

There are many ways in which the potato stalk is treated with Gibberellic acid. Soaking the potatoes for 10-15 minutes with 0.5 to 1 mg per liter of Gibberellic acid, and then drain and sprout in wet sand; Spraying 10-20 mg per liter of Gibberellic acid on the potato tubers until the surface is moist. And Spray again after 8 hours and spray 3 times; It also is feasible that 0.5 mg per liter of Gibberellic acid soaked in potato stalk for 1 to 2 hours. The concentration cannot be too high, otherwise it will have a inhibitory effect. In addition, use 0.001% of oil assistant solution before sowing seeds and soak seeds for 2 hours. It also has the effect of promoting the sprouting of potato stalk, but the effect is not as good as Gibberellic acid.

2. Control potato stem leaves in vain

Daminozide. Controlling the growth of stem leaves and cultivate strong seedlings. The potato is overgrown, the soil is too fertile, and the growth of stem leaves is too high, and the growth of the stems is affected by the growth of the stalk. 2,000 and 4000 milligrams of every liter of the liquid can be used in the end of the bud period, and spray 50 kilograms per mu of leaf surface until all the leaves are wet, which can inhibit the elongation of the stem and promote the expansion of the tuber and increase the yield of the single unit by 7.8% to 21%. This potion is suitable for the long field block, the application should master the concentration.

Paclobutrazol. When the potato is 25 to 30 centimeters high, use 250 to 300 mg of paclobutrazol for each liter, with 50 kg for each mu of leaf surface, which can inhibit the growth of stem rod and promote the increase of output. However, the potion is suitable for the field block and increase yield. 2000 and 2500 milligrams of every liter of the liquid can be used in the end of the bud period, and spray 50 kilograms per mu of leaf surface until all the leaves are wet, which

allows the stem to form a week earlier, and it can also accelerate the growth of the tuber and increase the yield per plant by 30 to 50 percent.

It is important to note that the soil fertility is good, the potato grows strong, the concentration of paclobutrazol can be used for 300 mg per liter. Soil generally USES 250 milligrams per liter; Soil fertility is not suitable for use of paclobutrazol.

3. Promote potato bulk fat

ABT5. The seeds were seeded in a half hour to an hour after planting the potato stalk with 10-15 mg of ABT5 per liter before sowing. Or use 5-10 mg of each liter of the liquid spray on the leaf surface, covering the next day with gunny bags. It can also be in the early stage of flowering, waiting for the morning dew to dry, with 5-10 mg per liter of solution evenly sprayed on the plant. After treatment, the number of single branches increased by 24.4%. If the application is larger, it can be cut into several pieces, etc., when the incision is dried, it will be soaked.

Chlormequat chloride(CCC) and Gibberellin(Gibberellic acid). In the treatment of potato with Chlormequat chloride(CCC) and gibberellin(Gibberellic acid), lv Zhongshu(1981) was able to spray 0.2% of the cystocene in the flowering period, which could lead to the early 7 days of the stalk and 30% to 50% increase in the yield of stem. In the autumn, the yield of gibberellin was 16.9% to 23.5%, and the concentration was basically 0.5 mg per liter.

Mepiquat chloride(pix). When the potato are in the bud to the leaf, Spray 50 mg of each liter of each liter of Cosinin.Or you can use 100 mg per liter of polyzonazole in spraying for leaf when the potato have a hair tree but no potato , and these can promote organic nutrients to the ground, increase the size of the stalk, and increase the yield.

Brassinolide. In the early stage of potato tuber, common Yunda, the plant growth regulator 3000 times with 0.01% of Brassinolide and the enhanced Yunda, a kind of the plant growth regulator, 120 1000 times spray for the potato, which can promote the swelling of the stalk and increase the yield by about 10%.

4. Inhibit the potatoes from germination

Potato germination is very common during storage. Sprouted potato quality loss, wrinkle, nutrient consumption and become poor quality. In particular, it produces a toxic substance called long khorin, which make the potato turn green, and it is poisonous to people and animals.

Maleic hydrazide. To prevent the potatoes from germinating during the storage period, shoot 2000-3000 milligrams per liter of Maleic hydrazide on the stem leaves in the field during the first 2-3 weeks. Using 50 kilograms of liquid medicine per mu, the potato tubers can be prevented from sprouting and breathing down during storage.

Pimacol. During potato storage, the use of sodium naphthenate can inhibit the germination of the potato, which can last 3-6 months. Dissolve the sodium naphthyl acetate in a small amount of alcohol, mix a little water, and spray evenly on the soil(spraying liquid and mixing fine soil occur simultaneously). Then a batch of potato spread a layer of medicine soil. Generally, storage of 5 tons of potatoes is 250 grams of sodium naphthyl acetate.

It is important to note that when you use sodium naphthenate, you should dissolve it with alcohol before adding water. The amount of Pimacol depending on the amount of the soil. Evenly spread the soil to maintain the maximum contact surface of the soil and potatoes.

5. Prolong the storage time of potato

Maleic hydrazide. In the 2-3 weeks before the potato harvest, the potato leaf surface is sprayed with 100-250 mg per liter of maleic hydrazide, which can inhibit the germination of the potato and prolong the storage time. It is important to note that after this treatment, the germination of the buds on the tuber is weak and not suitable for seed use.

Methyl naphthalene acetate. Mix the methyl acetate and fine soil with a mixture of the potatoes and add them to the potatoes. Methyl naphthalene acetate is used 200 to 500 grams for every 10,000 kg of potato. After such treatment, the potato should be stored in a closed environment, which is beneficial to the bud after the volatilization of methyl naphthyl acetate, interfering with cell division, and thus inhibiting the germination.