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Cyanamide Hydrogen Helps Dormancy Breaking

Dec 13, 2017

Cyanamide Hydrogen can effectively stimulate the active substances in the plant, thus speeding up the formation of the basal substance in the plant, stimulating the growth of crops and terminating dormancy, especially for the lack of winter cold climates and the dormant deciduous fruit trees planted in warm greenhouses.

Generally, the crop can germinate 7-15 days in advance, harvest 5-12 days earlier. It not only make the crop early germination with neat and strong Bud, but also increase crop yield, improve fruit quality.


The product has a good effect on grapes, kiwi fruit, apples, and apricots, and some other fruit tress, such as peach and pear varieties, raspberries and figs, which have more chilling demand.


The germination rate of lateral buds and terminal buds of fruit trees was obviously increased after early application of bud, and the number of short branches and inflorescence of each plant was also increased. the older the tree is, the better effect.


However, in the same tree species, and even the same species, different years and places of application, sometimes may produce different results. This is related to the degree of dormancy in the fruit bud. With the release of dormancy, flower Bud’s resistance to Cyanamide hydrogen is getting lower. Therefore, spraying should not be too late, otherwise the flowers mixed in the buds get damaged.

But also product should not be applied too early. spraying too early will have no effect. Cyanamide hydrogen can only make up for 20% of chilling demand.

Written by Linda Chia