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Delivery 15kg 4-CPA To Malaysia

Aug 27, 2018

On 8.26th.2018, 15kg 4-CPA have been sent to Malaysia. 4-CPA is a growth regulator of phenoxy plants with auxin activity, which is mainly used to prevent falling flowers and fruit, to inhibit the rooting of legumes, to promote fruit, to induce no nuclear fruit, and to accelerate the growth.


We are a professional company which has manufactured plant growth regulator, fungicide,fertilizers for more than 9 years in China,we are professional in this area.

Our main products are Forchlorfenuron , kinetin, Ethephon, Gibberellic acid A3(GA3), Gibberellic acid A4+7 (GA4+7),Naphthylacetic acid (NAA),and some other products for plants.



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