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Delivery 1kg Forchlorfenuron(cppu)1%sp To Korea

Jul 30, 2018

In 29th July.2018. 1 kg Forchlorfenuron(cppu)1%sp have been sent to Korea. CPPU is widely used in agricultural production. It can increase the number of fruits, such as persimmon, melon, bitter gourd, grape, tomato, watermelon, apple, pear and so on. It can promote the division of plant cells, promote the fruit hypertrophy and increase the yield.


We are a professional company which has manufactured plant growth regulator, fungicide,fertilizers for more than 9 years in China,we are professional in this area.

Our main products are Forchlorfenuron , kinetin, Ethephon, Gibberellic acid A3(GA3), Gibberellic acid A4+7 (GA4+7),Naphthylacetic acid (NAA),and some other products for plants.



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