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Delivery 6kg 50%WP Thidiazurom To Columbia

Sep 18, 2018

In 17/9, 2018. 6kg 50%WP Thidiazurom have been sent to Columbia.Thidiazuron TDZ used as plant growth regulator for cotton defoniant, promote fruit set and increase yield; high concentration can be used as herbicide Low cost, high output, free sample provided.


 We are a professional company which has manufactured plant growth regulator, fungicide,fertilizers for more than 9 years in China,we are professional in this area.

Our main products are Forchlorfenuron , kinetin, Ethephon, Gibberellic acid A3(GA3), Gibberellic acid A4+7 (GA4+7),Naphthylacetic acid (NAA),and some other products for plants.




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