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Delivery ATONIK To India

Apr 03, 2018

Recently, a lot of customers consulted this product -- ATONIK.

As a plant growth regulator, What is the effect of ATONIK? 

1.Promote crops growth and development, induce to bloom and fruit, break the dormant obstacle.

2.Induce to root and germinate, avoid falling blooms and fruits, improve the quality of plant, make the fruit have a good color and quality.

3.Raise the absorption of the nutrition, enhance the immunity of the plant ,enhance against drought, flood, coldness, freeze injury and capability.

4.Improve the quality and quantity.

On Mar. 27th, 2018, I have delivered 1 box to India by express from PANPAN INDUSTRY . (Packaging as below)

If you have any questions about ATONIK, you can inquiry us at any time .

Contact: Coco Hu


Wechat: +86 13007627086

Delivery ATONIK To India.jpg