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Delivery Brodifacoum 0.5%TK To Italy

Mar 01, 2019

On February 22, 2019, we have delivered 20L brodifacoum 0.5%TK to our Italy customer from PANPAN by FedEx.


About Brodifacoum 0.5%TK:

Biochemistry is the second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide which  also blocks prothrombin formation. It is used to Control rats and mice (including those resistant to warfarin) in areas containing stored products, household use, industrial buildings, and other situations. 

Physical and Chemical Properties

CAS No.: 56073-10-0

MF: C31H23BrO3

MW: 523.42


Purity: 0.5%TK

Storage condition: 0-6°C

Mode of action: Inhibit prothrombin formation, increased capillary permeability and brittleness, make mouse bleeding to death.  


Rat Poison Liquid Brodifacoum 0.5%TK Description:

Brodifacoum,which is the anticoagulant raticide with wide application range and  high efficiency. 1. 1. 1.It Is the ideal drug for mouse exterminating. 2.It prohibits the creation of fibrin ferment which the solidifying of the blood needs and so as to cause poisoning 

and’s death rate is more than 98%.

3.Brodifacoum has good taste and can be disastrous to every kind of mice (including those that has created drug resistance to other anticoaguluant),for only once application, but no repetitive poisoning phenomenon. 

Rat Poison Liquid Brodifacoum 0.5%TK Use:

Please set Brodifacoum on the place that mouse usually turn up, such as wall corner, box and case, object edge, hole, door, aisle, etc.  And place one sack in a distance of 30cm.


Rat Poison Liquid Brodifacoum 0.5%TK  Package:

500mg/bottle, 1L/bottle or on your demand

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