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Delivery Levamisole Hydrochloride To Australia

Feb 14, 2018

Our client has a Aquarium, so he got some trouble about fishes parasite. He told us that fenbendazole did not work on his fishes. We suggested that he could try Levamisole HCL.


Fast Working Parasite Control for Aquariums
Internal parasites treatment extremely effective on sick Plecos and other tropical fishes.          


Pure Levamisole HCl Powder is an anthelmintic (anti-worm) agent that works to rid of unwanted parasites in your aquarium, and boosts your pets' depressed immune systems. Relied upon by both aquatic hobbyists and experienced professionals, Subquaria Levamisole powder enables you to combat worms and parasites quickly and safely.

If Fenbendazole didn't resolve your parasite issues, Levamisole HCl is the answer to your problems. Levamisole HCl should always be used in a quarantine tank or bucket before introducing new fish or plants in to your established aquarium.


If you want to know Easy Instructions for Aquarium Use, please inquiry us.


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