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Delivery Of 1-MCP To Holland

Aug 07, 2018

On August 03, 2018, we delivered 200g 1-MCP to Holland from PANPAN Industry.

1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) is a new type of ethylene receptor inhibitor, which can inhibit ethylene synthesis, reduce respiration rate, maintain plant quality and reduce the occurrence of physiological diseases.

In foreign countries, 1-MCP has been widely used as a preservative for flowers and vegetables, which can greatly reduce the storage cost. In the United States, 1-MCP has been approved for the preservation of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Because of its advantages of nontoxicity, low quantity and high efficiency, it has a broad development prospect in fruit and vegetable storage and preservation.

PANPAN is a professional production base of plant growth regulator in China. Our products mainly including promote growth series, control overgrowth series, increase yield series, insecticide, fungicide and herbicide and so on.

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