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Delivery Plant Growth Hormones Brassinolide To America

Oct 30, 2018

On October 29, 2018. We have delivered 11kg plant growth regulator Brassinolide 0.1%SP to American customer from PANPAN INDUSTRY CO,. LTD by FedEx.

Plant Growth Hormones Brassinolide

About Natural Brassinolide:


1. Promote the growth of plant to increase yield.

2. Raise the ratio of fruit bearing and increase the unit weight.

3. Enhance the resistance of the plant to drought and cold weather.

4. Enhance the immunity of the plant.

5. Used in tissue culture, regulate the differentiation of the tissue.

If you have any question about natural plant growth hormone regulator brassinosteroids homobrassinolide, you can contact us at any time.

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