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Delivery Plant Growth Regulator CPPU To Vietnam

Nov 05, 2018

November 4, 2018, We have delivered 20kg plant growth hormone CPPU to Vietnam customer from PANPAN INDUSTRY CO,. LTD

cppu forchlorfenuron price

About kiwi growth hormone CPPU

Forchlorfenuron CPPU is a Plant growth regulator with cytokinin activity, used in agriculture and horticulture to increase fruit size of fruits, e.g. kiwi fruit and table grapes t can promote cell division and expansion, enlarge fruit, increase crop yield, etc. The bioavailability of KT-30 is 10-100 times of that of plant hormones 6BA.


Application of cppu plant growth regulator:

Used to increase the size of kiwifruit, table grapes and peaches; promote fruit set in melons, pumpkins and cucumbers; promote branching in apples; and increase yield in potatoes, rice and wheat.


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