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Delivery Sodium 5-Nitrophenolate To Ukraine

Oct 19, 2018

On October. 18, 2018, We have delivered 3kg Sodium 5-Nitrophenolate to Ukraine customer from PANPAN INDUSTRY.

 Sodium 5-Nitrophenolate

About Sodium 5-Nitrophenolate:

✔ Sodium 5-nitrogualacolate is cell-activator agent and can be used as the plant growth regulator, because it can infiltrate into plants rapidly, accelerate the flow of cell protoplasm, therefore promote the growth, reproduce of the crop. 
✔ It can be used in seed-soak, irrigation, and leaf-spraying.



Enhance the photosynthesis speed of the leaf bladeand to promote the formation of the dry materials;
Transport the photosynthesis products to the fruit quickly;

Promote the development of root system ,and obviously enhance the absorption and transportation of such nutritive elements as Nitrogen,Phosphorus,Potassium,Zinc,Iron,Copper and so on.

Promote the reduction to enzyme activity from nitric acid, to raise the utilization of nitric nitrogen ,accelerate the synthesis of amino acid and protein;

Raise the rate ofthe pollen germination and the speed of elongation of the pollen tube and to increase the rate of setting fruit;

Lengthen the cell life and protect the crops from fading



Contact Person: Cherry Zhang.