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Delivery Thidiazuron To Australia

Mar 01, 2019

On February, 28, 2019, we have delivered 1kg Thidiazuron TDZ 97%TC to our Australia customer from PANPAN INDUSTRY CO,. LTD by EMS.


About Thidiazuron:


Thidiazuron TDZ is synthetic cytokinin, used as plant growth regulator which can promotes plant organogenesis (shoot regeneration) and plant regeneration. Thidiazuron (TDZ) enables the production of virus-free stock plants, speeds up breeding, and provides new genotypes for the market. High concentration can be used as herbicide.


CAS NO.: 51707-55-2

Chemical Name: 1-Phenyl-3-(1, 2, 3-thiadiazol-5-yl) urea; 5-Phenylcarbamoylamino-1, 2, 3-thiadiazole; Dropp


Physical and Chemical Properties

Empirical Formula: C9H8N4OS

Molecular Weight :220.25

Melting point:  210. 5-212. 5℃

Description: Light yellow crystal powder It's solubility in 25 degree Centigrade water

is higher than 50 mg/L, and it's difficult to dissolve in acetone.



√  Cotton---- --Make Cotton leaves drop before harvest.

√  Grape--------Improve fruit quality and increase yield.

√  Melon------Improve fruit setting rate and increase yield.

√  Celery------Keep leaves green.

√  Cucumber-- Promote fruit-bearing, increase weight of single fruit

√  Flower cuttage with low concentration

√  Plant tissue culture use


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