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Delivery Triacontanol To USA

Sep 11, 2019


On September 9th 2019, we have delivered 4kg triacontanol 1.5%EP to our American customer from panpan industry co,. ltd.


About triacontanol:

Triacontanol/ 1-triacontanol is a linear saturated fatty alcohol as plant growth stimulator found in the plant cuticle waxes, which is healthy and safe for human and animal use. Its efficiency is proved for high yield in the case of number of field crops like rice, wheat, tomatoes, maize, lettuce, cucumber, potatoes, cauliflower, etc. The best results have been extremely impressive and have given over 100% increases in yields. The latest researches suggest that triacontanol directly activates the genes that control photosynthesis. These genes in turn activate the enzymes controlling the chemistry of photosynthesis.


CAS NO.: 593-50-0

Chemical Name: Triacontanol

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Appearance: White crystalline flake

Molecular Formula: C30H62O

Molecular Weight: 438.81

Solubility: Soluble in ethyl ether, chloroform, methylene

chloride and hot benzene, soluble in ethanol and cold,

almost benzene insoluble in water. Light and air, heat and

alkali are stable.

Density: (88 °C ) of 0.777

Melting Point: 86.5 degrees

Toxicity :

This product is non-toxic to humans and animals . Mouse oral LD50 is 18750mg/kg,

internationally recognized LD50 of 15g/kg when non-toxic.




1. Seed soaking: use 0.05-1mg/L soaking seeds of wheat,sorghum,rice etc 12-24h, can promote crop germination rate.

2. Foliage spray: Foliage spray with dosage 0.1-1mg/L of Triacontanol solution, can improve photosynthesis and resistance, increase yield.

3. Water flush: use 200-300g/ha Triacontanol with fertilizer, can improve fertilizer effect, improve fruit bearing and quality.



1. To promote seed germination, increase the germination rate and germination potential .

2. To promote plant cell division and elongation .

3. To promote the growth of roots, stems, leaves .

4. To promote germination differentiation , the increase in flower number .

5. Seed setting rate and grain weight .

6. Promote crop precocity , to improve the quality .

7. The promotion of plant tissue water absorption .

8. To promote the absorption of mineral elements .

9. Increase the chlorophyll content, increased photosynthesis intensity .

10. To increase energy storage, dry matter accumulation .

11. Improve the activity of some enzymes , to enhance the respiratory intensity .

12. To improve the cell permeability, and improve the resistance of crops .


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