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Employee Welfare

Mar 30, 2018

March 21, 2018, Panpan Industrial Co. Limited organization staff participate in the  reception of foreign customers to "visit" as the theme of the training course, which  promote the further development of staff.

The training content is mainly divided into three aspects about how to explain in the reception of foreign customers.Including customer visit by the teacher, customer reception, customer after returning to a series of processes and precautions. We learn how to communicate with customers, and the specific process of customer reception, as well as to avoid some mistakes happen. In a word, we have benefited.

Arranging the staff to take part in the training not only embodies the concern of the company to the staff, but also embodies the spirit of the company striving to advance and fighting bravely. It also makes employees learn new knowledge, enrich the knowledge, and share with colleagues and exchange of learning content. In order to better understand how to communicate with customers and increase customer satisfaction, make our customers more trust us, It will also make our company grow better and better.