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Factory Shut Down, Market No Goods,Price Soaring

Sep 11, 2018

Last week, the pesticide market continued to perform strongly, and most of the products entered a strong or strong stage. At the same time, the factories that have stopped working can not get up half of the time. At the same time, with the increase of temperature, the enterprises that can produce the normal production also have to stop and repair. Orders will continue to postpone as the factory's production and delivery continue. The contradiction between supply and demand will further intensify, and the price of pesticide products will further rise.


Environmental pressure has caused the upstream operation to be abnormal, prompting domestic and foreign orders to be unable to deliver normally, and the shortage of goods in the market is serious. Middlemen, channel manufacturers and pharmaceutical processing plants can not get the supply of goods, and the whole market is out of stock. Orders are pushed again and again, the new mono market changes greatly, manufacturers do not have strong willingness to receive orders. At the same time, the risk of futures is also increasing, and many channels are cautious. In the case of increased environmental protection storm and low factory utilization rate, the current market situation is difficult to change, and the market price of the latter products is expected to rise further.