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High Temperature, Factory Shut Down, The Raw Material And Intermediates Market Will Continue To Have High Factory Price.

Aug 08, 2018

The contradiction between supply and demand of raw medicine and intermediate market is still outstanding this week. The supply side enters the off-season of chemical production and the parking maintenance enterprises increase. The policy of safety and environmental protection has led to the accelerated pace of production and industry concentration, the low opening rate has resulted in the continuous reduction of stock stock; the demand side canal storage is gradually digested and the domestic and foreign demand replenishment is made. The inventory cycle starts ahead of schedule, but the supply side is limited by the uncertainty of raw material supply, upstream factory receipt will not ease the downturn. Enquiries in the market as a whole increased, but less trading, the mainstream trading of the original low-price inventory digestion, raw drugs and intermediates market continued to be high ex-factory prices, short-term unchanged.



This week, the crude oil market has a narrow downswing adjustment, and the basic chemical raw material is stable. The downstream demand of chlor alkali chemical, phosphorus chemical, bromine chemical and fluorine chemical industry is weak, and the whole narrow amplitude concussion is the main. But the downstream starting rate of intermediates continues to decline, production is blocked, supply is not smooth, the formation of high support for the original drug, factory prices continue to be high.