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Insecticide Properties And Use

Jul 30, 2017

First, organic chlorine pesticides

Organochlorine pesticides are the first organic synthetic insecticides in human history. As most of the organochlorine pesticide activity is very stable, easy to break down, so a large number of applications will cause environmental pollution, destruction of ecological balance. Concentration through the food chain, will produce chronic poisoning of humans and animals. Before and after 1970, many countries banned or restricted the use of organochlorine pesticides. China from 1983 onwards a comprehensive ban on 666, ddt and other high residual organochlorine pesticide use. Its toxicological mechanism is to directly target the poisoning of the pests to poison the target. The following describes only the currently used organochlorine pesticides.

(-) lindane

Chemical name: r-l, 2,3,4,5,6-hexachlorocyclohexane

Other names: high-body body six six six;

High-body six six six and panacea in the country is generally common, but there are differences. Including the body of six or six six or six in more than 80% are known as high-body body six six six, but with six or six six or six in more than 99% known as lindan. Its preparation does not contain - the most of the six or six original powder in the toxic isomers, which not only reduces the environmental pollution, but also overcome the pungent odor of the shortcomings of high-six six six (lindane) by the transfer of feed, in the meat Class and egg residue in the amount compared with the ordinary six six six down to 1/10 below.

Physical and chemical properties: white fine crystal, no pungent odor. Purity 99.5-100% of the six six six six six six melting point of 112.5 ℃, the density of 1.85 to 1.90.20 ℃ in water solubility of 7mg / l, slightly soluble in oil, soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, methanol , Ethanol, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, dichloroethane, acetic acid, acetone and other solvents. On the sun and acidic substances are very stable, the case of alkali decomposition failure. Of the rats oral ld50 88-270mg / kg, in the animal body has a cumulative effect on the skin irritation, the skin will cause red rash, the aluminum products are corrosive.

1. Insecticidal performance

There are contact, stomach poison and fumigation effect, insecticidal effect than the six six six original powder many times.

20%, 25%, 80% wettable powder, 10%, 20% emulsion, 20 to 50% smoke agent and various mixtures.

2. Application scope

(1) mosquito: mosquitoes have a good contact and smoked to kill the effect, according to the test, Culex pipiens mosquito contact 3 hours ld50 0.04 g / m2, indoor retention spray amount o. 25g / m2, the Chinese Anopheles kt50 for 4.7 to 10 minutes, all knocked down to 15.5-20min, and can remain remedy for 20 days. Its fd ld50 0.3mg / l, it is not appropriate in the pond with fry mosquitoes.

(2) flies: with its smoke agent by 75mg / m2 fumigation. House fly in 1 hour all anesthesia, died within 24 hours 100%, fly larvae of its poor sensitivity. Stuffed spray flies commonly used dose of 1-2g / m2.

(3) off cockroaches: It is reported that with 20% high-body six six six powder 24 hours to kill more than 90%, and can maintain half-year residual effect.

(4) fleas, cockroaches, mites: 0.5% to 1% powder, according to 0.2-0.4 g / m2, residual effect 1-2 weeks, the field increased to o. 4-0.6 g / m2

3. Use foreground

As the drug insecticide broad spectrum, cheap, long-term effect, but also suitable for making smoke fumigation insecticide, and has overcome the shortcomings of bad smell and injury, so in some places such as livestock, toilet and other places Kill mosquitoes, replace the higher resistance of pesticides, can still play an active role.