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Kinetin, 6-benzylaminopurine, Indole Butyric Acid Are Flying To Malaysia

Mar 01, 2018

Zhengzhou Delong Chemical is the professionally supplier of plant gorwth regulators.

KInetin and 6-banzylaminopurine are cytokinins. Indole butyric acid is auxin.

These 3 plant growth regulators are important components for plant tissue culture.


Mr Tajui bought these 3 plant growth regulators from us to do plant tissue culture.

He said he would try a large order if our quality meet his need.


To make him distinguish the three product more easily, we put label 1, label 2, label 3 on the three bags.

It is our pleasure to offer best service to the clients.

Welcome to contact us if you would like to purchase these (iba, 6-bap, kinetin) from us.