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Mid-Autumn Festival Is Coming

Sep 15, 2018

Chinese traditional festival Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and our boss is very generous and gives gifts including bonus and Chinese traditional food moon-cake to employees in advance. At the same time, the company specially held a party to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in advance. The whole company atmosphere is particularly warm, giving a feeling of home.


The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for Chinese people all over the world to come together, eat special cakes and gaze at the full moon. Though a happy occasion, there's a heartbreaking story that explains how it came to be.  a greedy friend of Houyi's named Peng Meng tried to obtain the formula for himself, but Chang'e wouldn't let him, and drank it all. Then Chang'e's body became light, and she flew out a window up to the moon, leaving her husband all alone on the Earth. On a clear night, Houyi saw Chang'e in the moon, called out to her and even tried to shoot it down, but it was too late. Now a lunar goddess, Chang'e was doomed to be apart from her husband forever. Houyi honoured his wife by arranging a table with incense, meats and fruits that she loved. The tradition of making sacrifices to the moon carried through the ages, from the Western Zhou Dynasty (1045 to 770 B.C.) onward. And so it is today, that Chinese all over the world meet outside, eat together and gaze at a plentiful moon, like the legendary and historical ancestors who came before.

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