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The Application Of Brassinolide On Citrus

Dec 16, 2017

Brassinolide belongs to the sixth endogenous plant hormone,It is internationally recognized as the green food engineering recommendation plant growth regulator.  In 1988, China was certified by the Shanghai institute of medicine of the Chinese academy of sciences,now after about 30 years of development,Brassinolide has been accepted and used by more and more farmers.

On the one hand, Brassinolide can regulate the growth of crops indirectly by regulating the plant endogenous hormone system, it has good compatibility with leaf surface fertilizer. On the other hand, The function of brassica is very comprehensive. It can be used throughout the whole process from leaves to harvest, and it can improve crop resistance,It can enhance the ability of crop resistance, cold resistance, waterlogging, salinity and premature aging,it can alleviate the drug harm caused by the use of pesticide fertilizers, At the same time, Brassinosteroids were not resistant to drug resistance, and for the farmers, it was possible to protect the fruit and improve the production.

Next, let's talk about the specific application techniques of brassinolide on citrus.

1.The bud period:3000 times liquid ,Spray the whole plant one or two times,Ten or fifteen days at a time.Can be mixed with sugar alcohol boron and high phosphorus fertilizer,Promote the blooming in trim with strong an more flower, Promote pollen tube elongation, promote pollen vitality and increase pollination,increase of fruit rate.

2.The first physiological drop:3000 times liquid,a spray of about 80 per cent of the whole plant spray.It can be used in conjunction with Gibberellic acid, sugar alcohol boron, superphosphate potassium, sugar alcohol calcium, protect the fruit, reduce the physiological result.

3.The second physiological drop period:3000 times liquid,Spray every 15 to 20 days after flowers fade.It can be used in conjunction with Gibberellic acid, sugar alcohol boron, superphosphate potassium(sugar alcohol calcium, protect the fruit, reduce the physiological result, promote quick results.

4.Fruit enlarging period:3000 times liquid, Spray the whole plant 1 or 2 times, It can be used in conjunction with calcium potassium and sugar alcohol to promote the enlargement of fruit and increase the sugar content.

5.The autumn before the tip(In August or September):3000 times liquid,It can be used in combination with high nitrogen, amino acid and humic acid,spray 1 to 2 times, 10 to 15 days apart, promote the autumn tips to sprout, strong and fast.

6.Fruit coloring period(after September: 3000 times liquid,Spray the whole plant 1-2 times, 10-15 days apart,It is used in conjunction with high potassium leaf surface fertilizer to promote the transformation and coloring of sugar.