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The Role Of Auxin And Gibberellin In Tomato Fruit Set

Dec 04, 2017

The initiation of tomato fruit growth, fruit set, is very sensitive to environmental conditions. 

Over the years, it has been well established that tomato fruit set depends on successful pollination and fertilization, which trigger the fruit developmental programme through the activation of the auxin and gibberellin signalling pathways. However, the exact role of each of these two hormones is still poorly understood, probably because only few of the signalling components involved have been identified so far. Recent research on fruit set induced by hormone applications has led to new insights into hormone biosynthesis and signalling. 


1.Application of Gibberellin in tomato fruit set

Gibberellin response genes, it will trigger fruit growth by regulating cell division and cell expansion. It has a regulatory role in tomato fruit set.

Usage method: 10-50mg/L, spray on flowers.

Effect: Improve fruit setting; produce bigger fruits.

2.Application of Auxin in tomato fruit set

4-CPA is used as a plant growth regulator, absorbed by plant via root, stem, leaf, bloom, and fruit. It is used to prevent abscission of bloom and fruit, inhibit rooting of beans, promote fruit setting, induce formation of seedless fruit. Also used for ripening and thinning. It performs better when used in combination with 0.1% monopotassium phosphate.

Usgae Method: When blossom for2-3 flowers, soak flowers in 20-30ppm

Do this three times, every 7-10day

Effect:  prevent falling of fruits and flower, promote fruit set.

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