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Thidiazuron Used For Cotton Defoliant And Disleave Agent

Dec 05, 2017

Thidiazuron is a kind of plant growth regulator.Mainly used for cotton defoliant, also can be used on apple trees and vines as disleave agent.

It can control the growth of string beans,soybean,peanut and other crops.

There are two formulations of Thidiazuron 

98%TC, 50%WP

Solubility of Thidiazuron: 

Thidiazuron 98%TC:It's solubility in 25 degree Centigrade water is higher than 50 mg/L, and it's difficult to dissolve in acetone.

Thidiazuron 50%WP:It can dissolve in water. 

Applicable Plants

Cotton---- Make Cotton leaves drop before harvest,

Grape------Improve fruit quality and increase yield.

Melon------improve fruit setting rate and increase yield

Celery------keep leaves green

Cucumber------Promote fruit-bearing, increase weight of single fruit

Flower cuttage with low concentration

Recommend dosage for Thidiazuron 50%WP



(1)  Spraying period can not be too early, otherwise it will affect production .

(2) Within 2 days after the application, the rain will affect the efficacy, pay attention to weather forecast before spraying.

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