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Use Of Plant Growth Regulators

Jul 30, 2017

1. The amount should be appropriate, can not arbitrarily increase the amount. Plant growth regulators are substances that have similar physiological and biological effects to plant hormones and can not be used excessively. Generally the amount of each mu only a few grams or a few milliliters. Some farmers are always afraid of the use of less effective, free to increase the amount or use of concentration, this will not only promote plant growth, but will make its growth is inhibited, serious and even lead to leaf deformity, dry off, the whole death.

2. can not mix freely. Many vegetable growers in the use of plant growth regulator, for the sake of trouble, often with its free and fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides and other mixed. Plant growth regulators and fertilizers, pesticides and other substances can be mixed with, must be carefully read the instructions and after the test to determine, otherwise not only can not achieve the promotion of growth or Paul flower fruit, supplement the role of fertilizer, but because of improper mixing There is injury. For example: ethephon liquid is usually acidic, can not be mixed with alkaline substances; amine fresh ester case of alkali easily decomposed, can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides, fertilizers [2]

3. Use method should be appropriate. Some farmers in the use of plant growth regulator before, often do not carefully read the instructions, but the direct use of plant growth regulators. Whether it can be directly watered to see clearly, because some plant growth regulator can not be dissolved directly in the water, if not prepared before the preparation of the mother liquor into the required concentration, the agent is difficult to mix, will affect the use of results. Therefore, the use must be strictly in accordance with the instructions used to dilute.

4. Growth regulators can not be used in place of fertilizers. Growth regulators are not plant nutrients, can only play a role in regulating growth, can not replace the use of fertilizer, in the case of inadequate water and fertilizer conditions, spraying too much plant growth regulator but harmful. Therefore, in the discovery of plant growth, the first to strengthen the management of fertilization and watering, on the basis of the use of growth regulators can effectively play its role.

5. Plant growth regulator belongs to the pesticide products, product packaging must have regular "pesticide three card", marked with yellow.

6. In strict accordance with the instructions to use, do protective measures to prevent people, livestock and cited water safety impact.