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Zeatin (oxyenadenine) 99%natural plant cytokinins

Zeatin (oxyenadenine) 99%natural plant cytokinins
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Product Details

Cas No.13114-27-7

Molecular formula:



Package: 1g/bag or according to customer request.

Storage: dry and cool condition,-20℃

Usage: zeatin has long been known to actively induce plant growth, it has also been reported to have several in vitro anti-aging effects on human skin fibroblasts.

Zeatin is a natural plant cytokinins (CKs) found in higher plants. It was originally isolated from young corn cobs, which were later found in coconut milk. . As a cell growth regulator, it not only promotes lateral bud growth, stimulates cell differentiation (side advantage), promotes callus and seed germination, but also prevents leaf senescence, reverses toxin damage from shoots and inhibits excessive root formation. High concentrations of zeatin also produce adventitious bud differentiation.

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Product use

1)Storage solution preparation: After receiving the product, centrifuge at low speed, first dissolve the powder with 5mL of 1M NaOH (or 1M acetic acid). Then add double distilled water to prepare a storage solution of 1 mg / mL or higher, and stir while adding water to ensure mixing. The storage solution is stored frozen and frozen to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

2) Application concentration:

a) promote callus germination (to be used with auxin) at a concentration of 1 ppm;

b) promoting fruit set, zeatin 100ppm+GA3 500ppm+NAA20ppm, and spraying fruit 10, 25, 40 days after flowering;

c) delaying the yellowing of the leaves of the vegetables, spraying at 20 ppm.

Package: 1g/bag, 10g/bag, 100g/bag, or according to customer request.