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CAS 76738-62-0 High Quality Paclobutrazol 95%TC

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High quality Paclobutrazol 95%TC

CAS: 76738-62-0

chemical name: paclobutrazol

Molecular weight: 293.79

Molecular formula: C15H20ClN3O

Appearance: Pure white

Melting: 165-166℃

Density: 1.22g/ml, KowlogP=3.2

Content: 95%

Toxicity: Low toxicity

Vapor Pressure: 0.001mPa(20℃)

Solubility:Water 26 mg / L (20 ° C), acetone 110, cyclohexanone 180, dichloromethane 100, hexane 10, xylene 60, methanol 150, propylene glycol 50 (g / L, 20 ° C).

Stability:20 ° C for more than 2 years, 50 ° C for more than 6 months, pH 4-9 does not hydrolyze, does not decompose under UV light (pH 7, 10 days).


1) It's used on fruit trees to inhibit vegetative growth and to improve fruit set; on pot-grown ornamentals and flower crops (e.g. chrysanthemums, begonias, freesias, poinsettias and bulbs) to inhibit growth.

2) It's used on rice to increase tillering, reduce lodging, and increase yield; on turf to retard growth; and on grass seed crops to reduce height and prevent lodging.

3) It's used to be applied as a foliar spray, as a soil drench, or by trunk injection. Has some fungicidal activity against mildew and rusts.

4) It's absorbed into the xylem through the leaves, stems,or roots, and translocated to growing sub-apical meristems. Produces more compact plants and enhances flowering and fruiting.


1)  Paclobutrazol has a long residual time in the soil. After harvesting, the applied field must be ploughed to prevent inhibition on the post-production.

2) Under normal circumstances, the use of paclobutrazol is not easy to produce phytotoxicity. If the dosage is too high and the seedlings are inhibited excessively, nitrogen or gibberellin can be added to save.

3)Different varieties of rice are different in their endogenous gibberellin and indole acetic acid levels, and the growth potential is different. The varieties with stronger growth need to use more drugs, while the weaker varieties are less used. In addition, when the temperature is high, more application is applied, and vice versa.