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Plant Growth Regulators Trinexapac Ethyl for Grass Use

Plant Growth Regulators Trinexapac Ethyl for Grass Use
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Product Details

Plant Growth Regulators Trinexapac ethyl for grass use

CAS NO.: 95266-40-3

Chemical Name: 2-diethylaminminoethyl-3, 4-dichlorophenylether


4-(Cyclopropyl-alpha-hydroxymethylene)-3,5-dioxo-cyclohexanecarboxylic acid ethyl ester;

Ethyl 4-cyclopropyl(hydroxy)methylene-3,5-dioxocyclohexanecarboxylate


Physical and chemical properties

Appearance: White powder

Molecular Formula: Molecular Formula

Structural Formula:

Plant Growth Regulators Trinexapac ethyl for grass use 

Molecular Weight: 252.26

Solubility: In water 10.2g/L (25°C)

Melting Point: 36°C

Boiling Point: N/A

Flash Point: 87°C (189°F)



Trinexapac-ethyl is a synthetic plant growth regulator that is derived from cyclohexanecarboxylate.

Trinexapac-ethyl is used to control the growth on various grass species and crops.

Trinexpac-ethyl is applied as a foliar spray, post-emergence, and is translocated to the growing shoot.  


Trinexapac-ethyl acts as an inhibitor of the action of a key enzyme in the formation of gibberellic acid (GA1), preventing the formation of the plant growth regulator gibberellins, which promotes cell elongation.


In the absence of gibberellins the internodes of the plants fail to grow and prevent the plant from

growing taller. This can be used to prevent lodging in crops and amenity turf, increase the yield in crops by redirecting energy into the production of reproductive parts and finally to reduce the

frequency of mowing in turf.  Trinexapac-ethyl is approved for use on cereal crops such as barley, durum wheat, oats, rye, triticale and wheat as well as grassland, amenity turf and managed turf.


Trinexapac-ethyl is sold as a soluble concentrate, as water dispersible granules and as a micro-emulsion, in two main concentrations – 120.9 g/l and 250 g/l.


Package: 200kg/drum